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LEGAL CONTROLS OVER MODEL FLYING:  The sport of model flying is subject to various legal controls which should be carefully observed at all times.

(1) THE AIR NAVIGATION ORDER (ANO)Article 64 of the Air Navigation Order (ANO) requires that:"A person shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property".

Article 63 of the Air Navigation Order requires that:  "A person shall not recklessly or negligently act in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft, or any person therein".

These apply to ALL model aircraft at ALL times, whatever their weight or size.

In addition, Article 87 of the ANO requires that:

A person shall not cause or permit any article or animal (whether or not attached to a parachute) to be dropped from a small aircraft so as to endanger persons or property.

(2) A person in charge of a small aircraft which weighs more than 7 kg without its fuel but including any article or equipment installed or attached to the aircraft at the commencement of the flight shall not fly such an aircraft :

(a) unless the person in charge of the aircraft has reasonably satisfied himself that the flight can safely be made;
(b) in Class A, C, D or E airspace unless the permission of the appropriate air traffic control unit has been obtained;
(c) within an aerodrome traffic zone during the notified hours of watch of the air traffic control unit (if any) at that aerodrome unless the permission of any such air traffic control unit has been obtained;
(d) at a height exceeding 400 ft above the surface unless it is flying in airspace described in sub-paras (b) or (c) and in accordance with the requirements thereof;
(e) for aerial work purposes other than in accordance with a permission issued by the Authority which may be issued subject to such conditions as the Authority thinks fit.

All radio control model aircraft in the UK. have, by law to fly on allotted radio frequencies within the 35mhz waveband.  Each channel has a 10khz separation and is allocated a 'Channel Number'.  Recently our channel allocation has been extended at either end of our frequencies. The new channel numbers are from Channel 55 to 59 & Channel 85 to 90.  Listed below is a table of all the radio frequencies and their equivalent channel numbers available to model flyers.

Whilst there is nothing to stop you from flying on any frequency, the convention in clubs is that power use odd numbers and gliders fly on even numbers

Channel Number Frequency (Mhz)

56=34.960 74=35.140
71=35.110                      89=35.290